ANN: Krextor 0.1 (XML --XSLT--> RDF extraction framework)

Dear all,

  I'm happy to announce the availability of Krextor 0.1. Krextor is an
extensible XSLT-based framework for extracting RDF from XML, supporting
multiple input languages as well as multiple output RDF notations.  Krextor
provides convenience templates that try to do “the right thing”™ in many
common cases, as to reduce the need for manually writing repetitive code.

Note: Currently not too many input and output formats are actually
implemented. However, Krextor was designed for easy extensibility. The idea is
that you have some semantic web application that works with RDF (e.g. for
querying or reasoning) but that most of your knowledge is hidden in XML
markup. Using Krextor and some suitable ontologies you can then specify a
mapping from XML markup to RDF in terms of these ontologies.



Christoph Lange, DERI Galway/Jacobs Univ. Bremen,

Received on Monday, 23 June 2008 22:08:12 UTC