RE: Semantic Radar 1.0 (Firefox extension)

Hi Richard,

There are many Internet Explorer users out there and it would be good to help them discover and explore Semantic Web content. 

However, there is no Semantic Radar for IE at this point. Perhaps someone from the SemWeb community knows how to build extensions for IE and wants to build one?

The code for detecting RDF autodiscovery links and other kinds of data could be very similar to what the Firefox extesion uses but code for integrating into browser's UI would be very different and IE-specific. Some time ago I briefly explored what would it take to build Semantic Radar for IE, but did not find an easy way to extend Internet Explorer nor many open source extensions for IE which we could learn from.


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This sounds great.
But in recent years, I've been using Microsoft IE7 instead.
Will something be available for IE?
If not, I may start using Firefox "again" (it's so long ago, it was 


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> Semantic Radar 1.0 is available at:
> Displays browsers status bar icons to indicate presence of Semantic Web
> (RDF) data in web pages.
> Semantic Radar recognizes all RDF autodiscovery links and lists them
> under the RDF icon. Custom icons are displayed for FOAF
> (Friend-Of-A-Friend); SIOC (Semantically-Interlinked Online
> Communities); DOAP (Description Of A Project) and RDFa (RDF embedded in
> XHTML) data. Press icon or RDF data link to explore RDF data. Can send
> pings to the PingTheSemanticWeb indexing service (configurable).
> What's new in this version:
> - Firefox 3.0 support
> - detects all types of RDF autodiscovery links (was: SIOC, FOAF, DOAP)
> - detects RDFa documents
> - detects Exhibit data in web pages
> - displays a list of URIs when more than one RDF URI is detected per
> data type (status bar icon)
> - additional RDF rendering options:
>     -- display raw RDF (try this together with the Tabulator
> extension);
>     -- choose a custom service URL.
> Try it on or any LiveJournal page.
> Thanks to Pierre-Julien Bringer for adding Exhibit data detection.
> Send feedback to
> Uldis
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