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Ciao Matteo,
In the early 2000, there was a lot of research about ontology-driven portals. Besides the great work of prof. Schwabe, other successful approaches were COHSE [1], SEAL and SEAL-II [2], KAON Portal [3], ODESeW [4], OntoWebber [5] and, last but not least ;-), our own SOIP-F [6] with its STAR:dust conceptual model [7].

It would be very interesting to update this (probably not comprehensive) list if there are new approaches and applications in this area.



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| Hello all,
|       I've stepped onto a both personal and university project, that aims
| at developing an ontology-driven framework for building websites.
|       I'm currently in the phase of searching what has been done and what
| is the current developement of things I'm interested in, mainly because
| I'm looking forward on how much granularity can be expressed and
| manipulated, without the need of reinventing the wheel.
| I'm writing here to ask if you know any ontology for describing websites,
| technically speaking. The only implementations I've found so far are some
| rdf from the Ontoweaver Project[1] (very abstract indeed), the MindSwap
| Portal[2] (quite interesting), plus the DOAP[3] project which seems too
| much software-centric.
| Do you have any suggestions, comments or critiques?
| Thanks in advance,
| --
| Matteo 'Peach' Pescarin
| [1]
| [2]
| [3]

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