[ANN] OntoWiki 0.8.5

Hi all,

The AKSW research group [1] is pleased to announce that OntoWiki 0.8.5 is 
now available for download. OntoWiki is a web-application enabling the 
collaborative creation of RDF knowledge bases. More information about 
OntoWiki can be found at:


Changes in this release include

   * A plug-in and event architecture
   * A file / document manager
   * Rest webservices for login / query / export databases
   * WebDAV support for browsing and exporting resources
   * A new JSON exporter that uses the RDF JSON spec draft from talis
   * New Plugins: Semantic Sitemap and Container Manager

as well as a bunch of bug fixes.

The project developement site moved from SourceForge to GoogleCode [2]. 
More detailed information about this OntoWiki update is available at the 
AKSW blog [3].

Many thanks to the main contributors of this OntoWiki release: Norman 
Heino, Philipp Frischmuth, Christoph Rieß and Julian Jöris as well as 
Michael Haschke and Maria Moritz!

best regards

Sebastian Dietzold

[1] http://aksw.org
[2] http://code.google.com/p/ontowiki/
[3] http://blog.aksw.org/

Received on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 16:51:39 UTC