Re: Ontologies with standard behavior of an information domain

Thanks Zille. A few other languages you may enjoy checking out with a 
brief description of each are as follows:

1. Common Logic (CL) - Has a strongly committed community of 
practitioners, as folks heard from Pat Hayes, Chris Menzel and John Sowa 
at the recent SemTech conference in Dan Diego;

2. Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) - A CL dialect with a strong 
history at Stanford and SRI

3. OBJ - An algebraic specification language developed by Jospeh Goguen

4. Common Algebraic Specification Language (CASL) - Another algebraic 
specification language from a European Community

5. Maude - Has a focus on term rewriting and seems to have some traction 
at SRI

6. Metaslang - A functional language from a small company near Stanford 
called Kestrel that was used to prove the consistency of OWL.

Feel free to ask more questions about these languages as I have at least 
a little time into most, but I suspect we should do that off-list as 
folks here would probably not want to detract from discussion of RDF/OWL 

Also, I received an off-line note regarding the source material for the 
ontology based on Peirce's "On a New List of Categories." Folks can find 
the Peirce manuscript here ...

Best Wishes,

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Zille Huma wrote:
> Hi All,
> This discussion is very interesting to get an insight into ontologies. 
> Being a Software Engineer, I am also interested in exploring the 
> provided ontology languages such as OWL etc. In terms of Software 
> engineering and not the formal languages, i have only found OWL to be 
> prevailing. Correct me if i am wrong, is there any other popular 
> language for ontologies. Secondly, what features does these languages 
> provide to capture the behavioral semantics of the domain, i.e., the 
> activities.
> I am looking forward to a fruitful discussion on this aspect also.
> Zille

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