Re: finding newer versions of W3C Technical Reports [was: trivial question about SPARQL]

Ralph R. Swick wrote:
> At 03:59 PM 1/25/2008 +0000, Bijan Parsia wrote:
>> One thing that might be helpful...and doesn't even require  
>> W3Cness! put together an alternative interface, e.g., exhibit or  
>> j/mspace or...
>> A simple scrape of TR plus all the prior versions would not only make  
>> it easy to find the latest, but see prior versions etc.
> Anyone interested in doing this doesn't need to scrape -- the
> base data has been available in RDF [1] for a while.  In fact, the
> HTML /TR page is generated from the RDF [2].

Oops, just sent the same mail :)

> [1]
> [2]
> I don't happen to know right now if the historical RDF data
> is made available.  I don't imagine our Webmaster would
> object too much to making it available if it isn't already.

Ah that's interesting. So theoretically you could extract timestamped 
versions of tr.rdf from the site, and time travel back through the 
metadata. I'd guess the changes over time are largely additive though, 
or relate to fixes and improvements in the metadata scripts?

I once started experimentign with doing similar with old versions of the 
FOAF schema, extracted from CVS: ... thinking being that it 
would be cool (especially for schemas) to be able to time-travel back to 
the way the world was at a particular time. This was partially motivated 
from a long-term data preservation perspective. SPARQL is intriguing for 
this, in that we could have one variant of the file per named-graph, in 
our store. And then use GRAPH keyword to match triples from particular 
periods, or to ask which versions of the GRAPH meet certain criteria 
(eg. for a schema, find out when a property was first deployed, or for 
changes in its definition).

>> I don't have the time, etc. to do the whole task, but I'd certainly  
>> help/host any efforts in this direction. I, personally, would benefit  
>>from such a service :)

I would too! If anyone starts work on this, perhaps they could make a 
page for it in the ESW wiki for ideas to be collected?



> +! :)

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