Re: finding newer versions of W3C Technical Reports [was: trivial question about SPARQL]

At 03:59 PM 1/25/2008 +0000, Bijan Parsia wrote:
>One thing that might be helpful...and doesn't even require  
>W3Cness! put together an alternative interface, e.g., exhibit or  
>j/mspace or...
>A simple scrape of TR plus all the prior versions would not only make  
>it easy to find the latest, but see prior versions etc.

Anyone interested in doing this doesn't need to scrape -- the
base data has been available in RDF [1] for a while.  In fact, the
HTML /TR page is generated from the RDF [2].


I don't happen to know right now if the historical RDF data
is made available.  I don't imagine our Webmaster would
object too much to making it available if it isn't already.

>I don't have the time, etc. to do the whole task, but I'd certainly  
>help/host any efforts in this direction. I, personally, would benefit  
>from such a service :)

+! :)

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