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> Thanks Renato,
> > You didn't anticipated anything, the concept of semantic data is  
> a very
> > old concept, not to say ancient, you just filled a bloody patent  
> to be
> > able to profit from public domain ideas before anyone could do it.
> I anticipated the extraction of contact, classification and  
> geographic semantic data from web pages and its incorporation in  
> searchable databases.
Can a patent cover something like this ?
a "database" is almost "searchable" by definition. For the rest, what  
does it mean ? That I if I make a script that fetch and store  
geografic information from web pages, this is illegal ? No matter  
that I made it even without ever by far having heard if the patent,  
or any tools developed on it ?
I guess your patent covers some specific technology, algorithm, or  

> I agree that the concept of semantic data is very old and I feel it  
> is well past the time that the concept should have had substantial  
> commercial importance on the internet.
Yes, but commercial value comes with real value. You what are you  
bringing to the people ? If it is something they already have, looks  
more like you are taking away something.

>  Fair criticism if I had the fire that you espouse but I am  
> retired. If Google or Microsoft want the patents, I’d consider  
> those to be good homes.
I would be curious to know which would be the bad ones.

> .Years ago I asked W3C if they had any use for the patents (donated  
> free). They suggested I setup (yet) another working group. If free  
> does not do the job, I’ll try not-free.
I have the feeling that the only one one could make money with these  
kind of patents is sue other people unaware of them... that's not  
nice, isn't it ?


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