Re: [Linking-open-data] [ANN] MOAT

Alexandre Passant wrote:
> The problem here is that, again, the skos:subject range is a
> skos:Concept, which will not allow people to use existing URIs that
> are not defined as skos:Concept

That tripped up POWDER too. We want to be able to associate a free-text 
tag with a semantically-defined meaning. Kjetil Kjernsmo engaged with 
the SKOS folk on this back in June [1] last year with the aim of linking 
tags in to our concept of a set of descriptors that can be 
applied to multiple resources. We ended up defining our own vocabulary 
term mapsTo [2]. The whole POWDER structure is undergoing an overhaul 
right now so I wouldn't put a lot of store in this until our next drafts 
are published but the basic need to associate SW and tagging remains.

I remember Chaals M-N once saying something like you should almost never 
restrict the range and range of a vocabulary term unless you absolutely 
have to because you can bet you'll want to use it in a different 
situation about 10 minutes after the vocabulary is published in its 
final form. The constraints on SKOS seem to bear this out.



Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer,
Family Online Safety Institute

Received on Monday, 21 January 2008 12:39:22 UTC