Re: Patents to be Auctioned

G'Day Dan,
Dan Brickley wrote:
> I sincerely hope you're not going to put this community in the position 
> of having to burn time, effort and money proving the lengthy and well 
> known heritage that lead to what we've lately called the "Semantic Web". 
> As most people in this community know, the design of the Semantic Web 
> has been part of the Web project throughout it's history, while drawing 
> on work that long precedes the Web itself.
Earlier I wrote: "the patents anticipated key aspects of the Semantic Web."
Now that you prompt me, I see I was too loose with the expression of my
I should have written: "the patents anticipated some useful applications
of what became known as 'the Semantic Web'."
Those applications are things like advanced yellow pages as one example.
As best I can see, the patents could not be used to 'extort' royalties
from developers of web standards or supporting software.
They are focused on the use of contact, classifiction and geographic
data stored in web pages in the construction of searchable databases.
Thanks for helping me come to better expression.


It would be nice to have a parallel board to post to perhaps called:
"How to Make a Quid (Buck) Commercializing Semantic Web Applications"
where posts like mine and those of implementers were more appropriate.


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