Re: Patents to be Auctioned

Renato, all:
(I am continuing this part of the discussion, since I think it may be of 
general interest) 

>> Maybe the W3C should implement a rule that anybody using W3C-based 
>> technology (including the WWW as a whole), protocols, or mailing 
>> lists must not patent any invention facilitated by that. So 
>> individuals and enterprises can chose whether (1) they work and 
>> invent off-line, in the dark, and charge others for their creative 
>> output, or (2) use the power of the Web but share their fruits in 
>> turn with all fellow humans.
> WWW GPL 3, that would be nice! I'd love to see that!
The more I think about the idea, the more seriously I think it should be 
considered: Everybody using W3C-based technology, protocols, mailings 
lists or infrastructure must not claim patent protection for any 
invention facilitated by that. Btw, I am just talking of software 
patents. Any other commercial usage of the Web, including writing code 
or text or whatever else and claiming copyright should of course not bet 

Just a general rule that if you use Web and Semantic Web community work, 
if you use our university servers as nodes in your communication, etc., 
then you must not claim patent protection on any algorithms or similar.

If the W3C and a large share of the individuals and organisations 
providing key elements of the Web adopt such a "terms of use" clause, 
then there could be a real lever to keep software patents down.

I really don't see why all the Web enthusiasts around the world who keep 
the Web alive and improving should help others sue them later on.

As for making a living: Edison said genius was 1 percent inspiration and 
99 percent perspiration.I think the 99% perspiration provide enough 
potential to earn a living on the basis of a good idea.

martin hepp,

Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 13:32:13 UTC