Re: Patents to be Auctioned

Martin Hepp (UIBK) wrote:
> What is creativity but a few thousand neurons firing and establishing 
> a new link? And you want to charge mankind for this tiny, one-time 
> bio-chemical firework, which was running on a neural network (your 
> brain) that would not exist without the 30+ years of input provided 
> from the world that has been surrounding you, for free?

Not to say input from *our* free work (such as Semantic Web), I think we 
all can claim profit from his patents at the end of the day...

> Maybe the W3C should implement a rule that anybody using W3C-based 
> technology (including the WWW as a whole), protocols, or mailing lists 
> must not patent any invention facilitated by that. So individuals and 
> enterprises can chose whether (1) they work and invent off-line, in 
> the dark, and charge others for their creative output, or (2) use the 
> power of the Web but share their fruits in turn with all fellow humans.

WWW GPL 3, that would be nice! I'd love to see that!


Received on Saturday, 19 January 2008 11:51:10 UTC