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M. David Peterson wrote:
> Technology is both an act of invention and an act of refinement.

There is no invention, only refinement. Everything you invented was 
already invented, only not patented.

The universe is just an expression of its intimate laws. Everything on 
top of that (like a fractal) will be another expression on top of the 
basic ones.

What you are is only another form of expression and like you, your 
brain. When you were born you had a few hard-coded (by nature through 
natural selection) instructions and *everything* you saw later already 
existed in nature.

Therefore, as your brain was selected by nature and what you learn comes 
from nature, the ultimate owner of *ALL* ideas is nature itself, and 
because nature has no bank account we store its money on our own by 
creating a very stupid idea like patents.

When will people learn that copyright, patents, intellectual property 
[1], anti-piracy, RIAA and the like is *ONLY ABOUT MONEY*?

There is no ideals, ideas, thoughts, anything. All legal techniques are 
ways to protect your *money* not your ideas, for ideas are recurrent, 
inherent and natural.

You can sue me because you have a patent and I implemented the same 
thing, only later, but you *CAN'T* sue me because I had the same idea as 
you had.


I'm not in this list because I want financial return or I think that my 
ideas will be implemented by W3C so I can further sue them. I'm not 
spending my time here because I think there will be money or a job or 
prizes in return.

I'm here to make this world a better place and, for a change, people 
could stop suing each other for something they were naturally selected 
to do.

best regards,


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