Re: weighted roles and distance in description logic

Dear Cristiano,

If I understand you correctly, you will need datatypes, but using 
datatypes is (reasonably) well supported by tools such as Pellet (a 

A very bad solution would be to do something like:

"The distance between A and B is 13 Miles"

A hasDistance13 B

but clearly this doesn't scale well....

Otherwise, link them via some "route" instance:

hasEnd A
hasEnd B
hasDistance 13

Is that any better?

Others may well have better suggestions.


Cristiano Longo wrote:
> Morning all, i'm trying to encode preference values
> using Description Logic. 
> A preference is a triple (user, item, value), but it's
> hard to encode "value" in a useful manner usign
> description logics. Probably if use a logic without
> datatypes this cannot be done. 
> I think that this can be seen as an instance of
> weighting roles stuff, for example to encode
> assertions like 
> "The distance between A and B is 13 Miles". I know
> that there is some experiments to extends description
> logic with numerical values(see ubiquitous computing),
> but i would like to know if there is some experiments
> to do that without extending description logics.
> Sorry for my english,
> thanks in advance,
> Cristiano Longo
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