Re: RDF optimization

> So if (as I assume) you're dealing with CV data, why not just use the 
> foaf:made property?
> <http//> a foaf:Person ;
>     foaf:made <> .

well, I am not thinking of loading CV data on this schema, just having a 
pointer to a CV somewhere else, as this would create
'noise' , cause informatoin in CV is not structured enough

This schema is just to aggregate and structure information aboute expertise 
according to a uniform format that can be used to
'sort',  rank, search and compare given expertise among different people

In the CV the 'knowledge' about a person is embedded and etherogeneous, in 
our schema, the knowledge will be
explicit and usable from a parser/aggregator view point (select all the 
people who speak german AND are experts in field X)

I am obviously seeking feedback at this stage, and still thinking things 
Here is the updated schema (not yet implemented, still under revision)

> Bruce 

Received on Sunday, 3 February 2008 12:33:21 UTC