Re: semantic technologies training/request

Hi Paolo,

I encourage you to look to the excellent training and presentation work 
of the Semantic Web Company, contact via Andreas Blumauer:

Thanks, Mike wrote:
> Greetings
> I am starting to be introduced to great sw tools being released by the 
> various EU funded projects, for which lots and lots
> of public money is been used
> such as
> as well as lots of others
> Although all of these materials have some tutorials and documentation, 
> the need for
> face to face training is mounting, and likely to increase
>  I have not yet found during any of my trips distributed, connected,  
> open training centers
> possibly c/o universities, whre people could drop in and get some 
> guidance on how to get their hands dirty
>  and have the chance to spend some contact hours with students and 
> tutors who may want to share their expertise
> and help newcomers to become experts
> If this is at all possible, dear Santa, it's on my wishlist, and in my 
> prayers for 2009

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