Re: semantic technology solutions for mulitlinginal sites - OR 'semantic browsers'?


I believe, this is going to be one of the largest industries based on 
Semantic Web but multi-lingusitic web will have a slighly different 
architecture. Here are several ideas which might be useful.

If a sentence in a natural language "makes sense" , then the human 
interpreter first builds this sense (meaning) in mind,  then he/she 
articulates it into another language. Human translation involves two 
processes: (1) building the sense of the source language expressions, 
and (2) articulating this sense into the target language

Technologically, I treat sense as Semantic Web content. Therefore, a 
alongside regular text, site builders can scribble in Semantic Web 
languages the sense of the text, and an *articulation engine* for a 
natural language will convey this sense into that natural language.

I would say a *semantic browser*  to be a web agent which comes with 
articulation engines for various natural languages and applies the 
engine for the desired natural language to SemanticWeb content to 
transform it into a text or speech. I believe the "multi-linguistics" 
should be on the client side.

Therefore, I treat the 'multi-lingual sites' as a matter of building 
*articulation engines* as plugged-ins for browsers. Currently there 
exist thousands of ontologies with domain specific knowledge and only 
technical people can read them. Semantic browsers are the most needed 
tools to make Semantic Web a democratic phenomenon.

If there is a project somewhere on this, we here would be happy to 
participate - I think, I have some knowledge of how to build an 
articulation engine. 


Ioachim Drugus, Ph.D.
Main Software Architect,
SemanticSoft, Inc.

Jens Lehmann wrote:
> Hello,
> Semantics-ProjectParadigm wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am writing proposals for setting up web portals to access digital
>> repositories on a large number of knowledge domains.
>> The point is that the same information needs to be made available in a
>> large number of languages.
>> Are there any computer programs, research programs or projects out there
>> that deal with providing semantic web solutions for information that
>> needs to be made available in a large number of different languages?
> Do I understand correctly that you want to expose a knowledge base in
> several languages? RDF/RDFS/OWL allow to add language tags to literals,
> i.e. has an rdfs:label in several
> languages. (If you were already aware of this, it might be better to ask
> a more specific question.)
> Multilingual CMS are, of course, a different issue as you also need to
> translate UI messages etc.
> Kind regards,
> Jens

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