Re: The next Internet giant: linking open data, providing open access to repositories

2008/12/7 Sw-MetaPortal-ProjectParadigm <>:
> The next Internet giant company will be linking open data and providing open
> access to repositories, in the process seamlessly combining both paid for
> subscriptions, Creative Commons or similar license based or open source
> software schemes.
> Revenues will be generated among other things from online advertising
> streams currently not utilized by Google or Yahoo!

..and the other things, not advertising, can you describe them?

> In the big scheme of things this company will redefine the concept of
> internet search to provide access to deep(er) web levels of data and
> information for which users will be willing to pay an annual flat fee
> subscription.

..and the other things, not search, can you describe them?

Sorry. Seriously I haven't a clue what revenue models we'll be seeing
in 10 or 20 years. I suspect I'd be surprised.

> Sound improbable? Non-profit organizations dedicated to providing global
> open access will soon start exploring just such business schemes to
> determine if it is feasible to fund and maintain the server farms, hard and
> software to do just that.


But the Rainbow Warrior was the Greenpeace yacht right?
So how do I know you're not just trying to subvert things here? It happens.
Usually in boats.



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