The next Internet giant: linking open data, providing open access to repositories

The next Internet giant company will be linking open data and providing open access to repositories, in the process seamlessly combining both paid for subscriptions, Creative Commons or similar license based or open source software schemes.

Revenues will be generated among other things from online advertising streams currently not utilized by Google or Yahoo!

In the big scheme of things this company will redefine the concept of internet search to provide access to deep(er) web levels of data and information for which users will be willing to pay an annual flat fee subscription.

Sound improbable? Non-profit organizations dedicated to providing global open access will soon start exploring just such business schemes to determine if it is feasible to fund and maintain the server farms, hard and software to do just that.

Milton Ponson
GSM: +297 747 8280
Rainbow Warriors Core Foundation
PO Box 1154, Oranjestad
Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
Project Paradigm: A structured approach to bringing the tools for sustainable development to all stakeholders worldwide
NGO-Opensource: Creating ICT tools for NGOs worldwide for Project Paradigm
MetaPortal: providing online access to web sites and repositories of data and information for sustainable development
SemanticWebSoftware, part of NGO-Opensource to enable SW technologies in the Metaportal project


Received on Sunday, 7 December 2008 18:09:11 UTC