Re: Vocabulary browser requested

Hi Andreas, is a web-based, vocabulary browser/editor which supports all
that you ask for.  It is publicly hosted and is free to use.  Let me know if
you would like any more information.

Mike Lang

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 2:36 PM, Andreas Langegger <> wrote:

> Hi,
> does anybody know of a working and feasible vocabulary browser?
> I'm thinking of some neat (preferably web-based) GUI which allows to load
> (autom. via some API in the back or manually by the user) several
> vocabularies which are possibly interlinked either explictly (by
> rdf:domain/range, owl:equivalentClass/Property, other OWL constraints) or
> implicitly (based on statistics obtained from datasets which probably only
> Sindice & Co. are able to fetch at large Web scale).
> I think Giovanni & Co. could do quite neat stuff with the "global
> information", plenty of room for side-projects based on Sindice data... this
> would be interesting for the public LOD part. However, such a tool whould
> also help many other, more domain-specific projects for information
> integration based on SW concepts.
> Please don't reply with a "do it yourself"... I would, if I weren't busy
> with SemWIQ [1]. And what SemWIQ lacks is such a vocabulary browser. Would
> also be interested in cooperation if you like.
> [1] (release several times postponed, I
> hope I can make it till the end of 2008...)
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