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Semantic Web UI Workshops (was RE: freebase parallax: user interface for browsing graphs of data)

From: Tom Heath <Tom.Heath@talis.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 10:57:40 +0100
Message-ID: <DD5E887552496241BC701548837A282F072DF615@nemo.talis.local>
To: "Georgi Kobilarov" <gkob@gmx.de>, "David Huynh" <dfhuynh@alum.mit.edu>
Cc: <public-lod@w3.org>, <semantic-web@w3c.org>

Hi Georgi, David, all,

> I'm also not aware of any upcoming semweb UI workshops. 
> WWW2009 might be a good place...

VinhTuan Thai, Siegfried Handschuh and I submitted a proposal for a
workshop at IUI2009 under the title "Visual interfaces to the Social and
the Semantic Web" (with several members of this discussion on the
proposed Programme Committee). I hope is the kind of event you have in
mind :) We'll get the response on the 5th September. If the proposal is
successful I hope that many of these exciting developments will be
submitted to the workshop.

Chris and I have also already agreed to propose a second Linked Data on
the Web workshop at WWW2009, so again I hope we'll be successful, and
hope to see many interesting interface papers there too.


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