Re: off-topic on Beijing Re: BOF meeting on Semantic Web Search Engines at WWW 2008

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On 2008-04 -25, at 05:36, Dan Brickley wrote:
> It's a big planet, and many of its (our...) governments do truly  
> hideous things to people in other parts of it.

> There are other, better ways to reach people, persuade people of  
> evidence, showing people what life elsewhere is like. And figuring  
> out how to improve those mechanisms is 100% on-topic for this list:  
> the Semantic Web is a project to improve the Web so that it better  
> reflects what is happening in the world around us, a world seen  
> through layers competing, interlinked claims and counter-claims.  
> (Anyone who tells you otherwise has got lost in the detail.)


>  I firmly believe the Web will mature to give us a better claim- 
> based, provenance-based infrastructure for evaluating such claims.  
> But it'll take time, and every year that passes without it is one in  
> which people will remain dangerously misinformed about the world  
> around them.
> Dan
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> Semantic Web IG chair

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