Re: New Version of Networked Graphs Sail Available

Am Donnerstag, den 18.10.2007, 12:10 +0100 schrieb Jeremy Carroll:
> > should I prevent - in a distributed, uncontrollable environment
> > like the Web - the owner of u2 from adding a view based on u to u2
> > tomorrow? 
> You don't have to.
> If u2 is grounded then either the new view relates u2 to the same graph 
> in which case the triple is true, or to a different graph in which case 
> it is false.
> In the latetr case (falsity), the named graphs approach to provenance 
> and trust then encourages you to rethink which sources you trust

I guess we have different requirements. We do trust the sources, and
want to allow building such a network of graphs. We can have
hierarchical dependencies of graphs, as you propose. But we can (and
want to) do more. 

Your proposal would be a kind of import mechanism, which is a bit more
sophisticated than including a whole graph.
Networked Graphs can even be used as a distributed rule mechanism and
are much more expressive.

Anyway, I do not think I should generally distrust every source, which
uses information I have created myself and which I highly trust. This
would basically be the result of what you propose. ;-) 

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