Re: ODF and semantic web

Shane McCarron wrote:
> Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
>> Are you *sure*? Unlike elements, an attribute without an explicit
>> namespace prefix cannot be namespaced, and those are the only examples
>> I've seen.
> The prose specification does not include any examples of prefixed usage 
> (because we were trying not to confuse our principal audience), but the 
> RDFa attributes are defined as an XHTML M12N-conforming Module.  Such 
> modules can be defined to export their attribute names in a qualified 
> form as well as a non-qualified form.  So yes, I am sure that the 
> implementation is built that way - mostly because I built it [1].  


OK, but note that ODF is defined in RELAX NG.

Do you have an RNG version of the module that can be imported by other 


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