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Hi Bruce,

> I've mentioned this here before, but more on RDF-in-OpenDocument.
> <>
> The OpenOffice project is now starting to looking into implementing it,
> so people here might be interested.

I note that the attributes used in ODF are 'inspired' by RDFa [1]--but
why not just incorporate RDFa as is?

It's especailly confusing for authors when this 'inpiration' seems to
involve copying some RDFa attributes, but changing the names of
others. For example, @about is used, but @datatype has been renamed to

This lack of alignment is a shame, especially when the proponents of
ODF are generally critical of the confusion that can be caused by
companies and organisations pursuing alternate document formats. There
is a fantastic opportunity here for creating tools and search engines
that could leverage a 'standard' way of incorporating metadata into
HTML, XHTML, ODF, and other mark-up languages. That opportunity now
looks like it is going to be missed.



[1] <>

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