Linked Data on

We (Garlik), have just released an online service that exposes RDF  
data as Linked Data - or at least something that looks a bit like it :)

The "profile" pages, eg. 
  will forward to if you  
Accept: application/x-turtle,

$ rapper -g

The (quite patchy) schema is at, also only  
available in turtle. The data uses a mixture of our domain specific  
properties, FOAF and DC.

There are some issues I'm aware of with the data as it stands - most  
obviously it's only available in turtle. The whole site is built ontop  
of RDF in turtle, so there's a bit of bias there.

Also it references some URIs (with rdfs:seeAlso) ending with -ext that  
contain some raw data, but those aren't dereferencable right now, due  
to a bug I didn't have time to fix.

So, what could we do to make the data more useful to the RDF community  
at large? There will be an API of some kind at some point (please  
click on the "Developers" link if you're interested), but first I want  
to get us exposing linked data in a useful manner.


Received on Thursday, 29 November 2007 14:17:51 UTC