WS-CDL+ execution engine 0.1 (prototype system) released

WS-CDL+ Execution Engine

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Welcome to the WS-CDL+ Execution Engine Project
WS-CDL+ Execution Engine is based upon the WS-CDL specification by W3C with six aspects of extension mechanisms, which are variable initialization, user-defined functions, extended interaction method, timer, debugging/exception and implicit finalization mechanism. This project aims at providing an implementation of the WS-CDL+ execution engine, which can be run as a plug-in on such as application servers as Tomcat or JBoss.

We've advanced the current state of the Web service collaboration technology by addressing the following two issues: a) A prototype implementation of a WS-CDL+ execution engine. The study of WS-CDL calls for an execution engine; so that we can experiment on the properties we are working on, and develop applications using WS-CDL. The availability of a WS-CDL execution engine is also crucial to bring WS-CDL into application field, enabling a WS-CDL document to run on servers. Moreover, with the prototype system, researchers and developers are able to simulate their choreography process and get the results of choreography in a single computer without having to interact with the real WS-CDL/WS-CDL+ participants, which makes testing and debugging WS-CDL/WS-CDL+ documents easy. And b) the extension of the WS-CDL specification into WS-CDL+. It is no debut that the idea underlying WS-CDL is fascinating; however, when it comes to the application field, its expressiveness and usability become questionable. To enhance it in this way, we introduce six extended functionalities into the WS-CDL+ execution engine, including the user-defined functions, the interaction model extensions, the implicit finalization mechanism, and etc.

Website for WS-CDL+ execution engine comes into being
October 15, 2007
In this website, we'll provide the projects' progress message as well as software downloading, user guides and research papers. Thanks to Prof. Hongbing Wang from Southeast University for providing server spaces.

WS-CDL+ execution engine 0.1 (prototype system) released
May 28, 2007
We are glad to announce the availability of the prototype system of WS-CDL+ execution engine Version 0.1. This release implements most functionalities of the WS-CDL specification plus six aspects of extension mechanisms of WS-CDL+. Any suggestions on this release are welcomed to feedback to
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