Re: Semantic Web User Agent Conformance

On Nov 22, 2007 8:37 PM, Renato Golin wrote:

> I'd say that the possible number of connections or the potential
> quality (as in more annotated) or even the number of connection
> [&c.]

You have the same confusion as Alan, which I think was brought on by
my use of the term "User Agent". This is part of a User Agent only,
the very low level access part. Sort of like an HTTP module in
Firefox--it's just a single and very primitive part of the User Agent
I'm describing. Nothing to do with actually using the RDF at all, it's
the step before that: getting the RDF.

I'm not saying that doing conformance spec work of the higher level
functions, of the kind of stuff that you an Alan are talking about,
isn't interesting; just that you have to implement parsing before you
can do any of that stuff! :-) Which is why I'm starting here.

> > Of course there are options to restrict parsing to some level of
> > granularity, but you have to choose acceptable defaults, and that's
> > not an easy task at the moment.
> Hum, and what guarantees that the parameters you get for one subset
> will work for all? How many parameters should you have to mimic the
> expert behaviour to all in a meaningful way?

I'm not sure what you mean by "mimic the expert behaviour to all".

There's nothing that guarantees that, say, if I have a GRDDL parser
which by default doesn't implement the namespace recursion part of the
GRDDL specification then it's not going to disappoint someone who
needs that for their system to work. The point about defaults is that
this isn't a problem: the default settings of a system should be the
most commonly used one.

At the moment I don't think anybody's done a detailed survey of what
parts of the GRDDL specification are most widely deployed in documents
on the web. I'm not sure there's all that much GRDDL out there yet
even, really; it only went to REC not all that long ago. Choice of
defaulting should be based on expected use, at least in part.

Scribble out "User Agent" in the subject and subtitute... well we
don't have a name for it yet, but the access and parsing part of
Semantic Web User Agents.

Sean B. Palmer,

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