Re: Semantic Web User Agent Conformance

Sean B. Palmer wrote:
> On Nov 22, 2007 5:52 PM, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
>> 1) Is asking the number of triples an interesting question. Why?
> Yes, because it entails asking "how many of the triples that I am
> asserting can actually be consumed?". It's an interesting question
> because people usually only publish data when they intend it to be
> consumed.

Hi Sean,

I'd say that the possible number of connections or the potential quality 
(as in more annotated) or even the number of connection between the 
triples of the document itself and of others' interest me more.

> Of course there are options to restrict parsing to some level of
> granularity, but you have to choose acceptable defaults, and that's
> not an easy task at the moment.

Hum, and what guarantees that the parameters you get for one subset will 
work for all? How many parameters should you have to mimic the expert 
behaviour to all in a meaningful way?

Those are interesting questions and I believe that there can be some 
basic parameters that might help you to define a list to start with. But 
I fail to see how the number of triples will help you with that...


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