Re: Embedding RDF in Microsoft Office?

Mario Szpuszta wrote:

> The most important technical fact of the prototype is the usage of
> the ECMA Office Open XML File Formats:
> We are leveraging the Office Open XML File Format as a technical
> foundation for embedding the RDF/XML as a part of the Word Document
> package. More information on the ECMA Standard "ECMA Office Open XML"
> can be found here:

At the metadata SC of the OpenDocument TC, we spent more than a year 
working on how to integrate RDF into the format.

I realize there's a rather large amount of heated rhetoric around the 
so-called file format wars between ODF and OOXML, but it might be nice 
to explore common ways to layer RDF on top of both formats?



One thing to note is that the mechanisms by which we bind RDF triples to 
document content are fairly format-agnostic: a combination of a 
constrained version of RDFa, and a lightweight mechanism to bind local 
document IDs to global URIs (in order to attach RDF statements to). E.g. 
it ought to be possible to use the exact same mechanism in OOXML.

If there's any interest in discussing this, please contact me.


Received on Thursday, 22 November 2007 16:42:45 UTC