Re: Semantic Web Usability BOF in Busan

Greets all.

Thanks for your interest in this topic

We had a great turnout and shared participation at the BOF
Apols to Mathieu who did not find the table, and to those who were busy 
elsewhere or could not find a chair. It looks like there is interest for 
follow ups and setting up some kind of work group, formal or informalm but 
with more chairs and maybe booking a room next time

Here the list of people

Everyone is now invited to contribute to the wiki expand the minutes and 
share thoughts on the existing mailing list
(please let's clear up any possible IP issues: whoever posts on the 
list/wiki is still retaining copyright and ownership of their own 
ideas/contributions, I hope  - Avi, Max could you confirm this?)

Suggestions? What next?

Sorry I did not manage to shake hands with everybody before leaving, people 
disappeared fast
Thanks a lot for supporting this important interest and hope to be working 
with you all
on something or other along the lines discussed

Look forward to developments, Best


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> I'm in favour for setting up an IG.

Great idea, I support it too.

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