Re: [Linking-open-data] Linked Data available

On Nov 7, 2007, at 9:04 AM, Bernard Vatant wrote:

> Tim
>> Something funny about the XML:  Line 2: doctype broken.  Shoud not  
>> be a doctype.
> Sounds like the standard output syntax of SWOOP, which is indeed  
> incorrect XML-wise in its DOCTYPE declaration.


> This is something I've discussed with Bijan quite a while ago.

And it disappeared into the bitbucket. Could you tell me what the  
correct output should be and I'll see what I can do.

> That said, I've been using this syntax "as is" for about two years  
> now (see e.g. and it does not  
> seem to break any RDF tool. Only XML parsers are grumbling.
> As a side note, apart of that, the SWOOP RDF-XML serialization is  
> the best I've found so far, given the messy output of other famous  
> ontology editors (no name :-) ).

Bernard, two things...Protege4's output is moving to a cleaner form  
(partially inspired by the Swoop serialization) so you may want to  
check it out. Since this serialization strategy is built into the OWL  
API, it can affect more applications than just Protege4, so there's a  
good opporunity here :) I work with the author of the api (Matthew  
Horridge, my grad student) and he's quite responsive to this sort of  

Also, I've brought up the idea of canonical serializations in the OWLWG:

So, please keep an eye on that. I hope we can get one that is  
*really* nice, bug free, and with a W3C spec behind it, that is  
widely implemented across editors and toolkits.


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