Re: [announce] essay: "Refactoring the Law: Reformulating Legal Ontologies"

Dear Garret,

I had a quick look at the references at the end of your essay, and  
concluded we must be living in parallel worlds ;)

Are you familiar with the work of the AI & Law community? Worth having  
a look at are e.g. the proceedings of the bi-annual ICAIL conference  
[1], the annual Jurix conference [2] (this December, in Leiden, the  
Netherlands), the AI & Law journal [3] and several workshops, a.o. the  
LOAIT [4].

There is a lot of work going on in the area of Legal Ontologies, most  
notably, the Core Legal Ontology, an extension to DOLCE [5], and  
(shameless advertisement) the LKIF Core Ontology of Basic Legal  
Concepts [6].

That said, I am sure I will read your essay with interest!


	Rinke Hoekstra

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[2] (

On 4 nov 2007, at 23:45, Garret Wilson wrote:

> Everyone,
> I finally got around to publishing an essay I wrote last year, which  
> may be of interest to this community. Entitled, "Refactoring the  
> Law: Reformulating Legal Ontologies", it looks at the similar  
> evolutions of legal systems and software engineering, and explains  
> how they are both moving towards an ontological perception of the  
> world. RDF is specifically mentioned.
> I hope someone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
> Cheers,
> Garret

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