Re: hTurtle: A GRDDL-Compatible Microformat for Turtle-in-HTML

On 11/4/07, Dave Beckett <> wrote:

> Stuffing data inside comments is not preserving semantics, as
> the semantics of comments are that they are ignored.

Oh dear. You should tell that to whoever wrote this section:

> There are better solutions now such as use <link>,
> <head profile> and/or GRDDL transforms.

Well, I don't suggest anywhere that using hTurtle become a well-used
means of providing rich semantics to HTML documents. But I do contend
that it works, even if just as a demonstration.

> If you wanted to continue this idea, I'd suggest calling it
> embedded turtle, even that is with little enthusiasm from me.

There's no need to continue with it since it's already complete,
modulo adding the functionality requested by Tom Morris and Danny
Ayers which I had myself been contemplating. The addition of such a
functionality will be predicated on some instance of use, of course.

As for the name, someone on IRC suggested "T┬Ártle" which I thought was

Sean B. Palmer,

Received on Sunday, 4 November 2007 19:49:19 UTC