Ontology Viewer (UML like?)

Hi folks:

 I'm in the process of designing an OWL ontology using Protege, but I don't seem to find a good "viewer" that gives me a graphical view. I'm so used to UML diagrams from the OOD world -- I see ontology design as somewhat similar to OOD, I want something like a UML class diagram.
OWLViz in Protege just shows me the classes and their inheritance relations. However in my ontology most of the "meat" is in the properties, and OWLViz diagram is almost useless.

What does the community use to visualize ontologies -- if I wanted someone to get an idea of my ontology what is the preferred format/tool? I understand some relations / constraints such as cardinality or boolean constraints may be difficult to graphically represent, but what is the "standard" so far?


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Received on Wednesday, 16 May 2007 01:07:52 UTC