Last Call for Papers: I-SEMANTICS 2007, Graz, Austria, September 2007

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                                Call for Papers

                                I-SEMANTICS 2007
                  3rd International Semantic Technology Conference
                    co-located with I-KNOW 2007 and I-MEDIA 2007
                      5th - 7th September 2007, Graz, Austria

Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission:               May 21, 2007 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)
Notification of acceptance/rejection:        June 18, 2007
Deadline for final paper submission:         July 13, 2007
Conference:                                  September 05 - 07, 2007


I-SEMANTICS 2007 is the third conference in the SEMANTICS series (previous
events took place in Vienna in  2005 and 2006) and offers a forum of
exchange for innovative businesses and European research institutions and
companies that concentrate on semantic technologies. SEMANTICS is the first
major conference series bringing together both researchers and developers in
the areas of Social Software and the Semantic Web in order to present and
develop innovative ideas that help realising the "Social Semantic Web".


Social Software systems have lead to an explosion of the content
available on the Web. Content is nowadays to large extents produced by
non-professionals, shared and made available free of charge, and constantly
improved by collaborative processes. A question that is yet unsolved is how to
find the relevant information in increasingly huge and complex amounts of
content, a problem where technologies developed on the Semantic Web can help.
Likewise, it would be beneficial to harness social content production not only
for more-or-less traditional content but also for the creation and improvement
of machine-understandable meta-data.

The special focus of I-SEMANTICS 2007 is "Social Semantic Web & Semantic
Social Software - Convergence of Semantic Web, Web 2.0 & Social Software".. As
a conference aiming to bring together science and industry, I-SEMANTICS
encourages both, scientific (research/application) and industrial
contributions. The following table summarises the topics we are interested in:

Technologies & Methodologies

Semantic Social Software
- Semantic Wikis and Weblogs
- Semantic Desktop
- Social Tagging & Folksonomies

Knowledge Modelling
- Ontology Engineering
- Terminology Management
- Visualisation of Semantic Models

Knowledge Communication
- Trust and Proof on the Semantic Web
- Interoperability and Integration
- Inter- and Transcultural Aspects in (Semantic) Web Communication


Semantic Web Applications
- Existing Tools and Applications
- Application Domains

Experiences, Studies, and Metrics
- Case Studies of Semantic Systems Usage
- Business Use of Semantic Systems
- Technology Assessment

Special Tracks

In addition to the main programme, I-SEMANTICS will host two separately
organised special tracks.

"Social Semantic Desktop" Special Track: In the special track on "Social
Semantic Desktop", we ask how Semantic Web technology will change the way we
work and collaborate using desktop computers. Data on the desktop can be
annotated or represented using ontologies, applications on the desktop
need to be integrated the same way as known from enterprise application
integration or semantic web services. Semantic collaboration has always been
possible between humans, but when collaborators are separated in space and
time, the Semantic Desktop can assist understanding the messages passed or
allow new forms of communication. Previous workshops on the ISWC conference
have shown the potential of this field, and the synergies already found imply
that this is a fruitful field to explore.

"Terminology" Special Track: This special track will deepen and demonstrate
the theoretical input from the programme section "Knowledge Modelling:
Terminology Management" in practice. We show the role and function of
terminology (in its broader meaning) and terminology management within the
Social Semantic Web and discuss questions, such as: How does terminology
management work in practice? What are the challenges and standards of a
tailored, successful project management? How to calculate the costs of
multilingual solutions and localization? How to organize inter- and
transcultural communication? How to "translate" the specialized language and
terminology of the Semantic Web Industries to users, customers, decision
makers and other target groups of the Social Semantic Web?

Submission Information

Submissions must be original and must not have been submitted for
publication elsewhere. Articles should follow the JUCS guidelines for formatting
( and must be
submitted via the online submission system available at the conference
website as PDF documents (other formats will not be accepted). For the
camera-ready version, we will also need the source files (Latex, OpenOffice,

*Research/Application Papers*

Research/Application papers report on novel research and/or applications
relevant to the topics of the conference. The number of pages of research
papers should be between 4 and 8 pages including references and an optional

Extended versions of selected research/application papers will be
published in post-conference proceedings.

*Industry Papers*

The conference will include an industrial track for presentations on
innovative commercial software related with the topics of the conference,
which include novel applications, experiences in applying recent research
advances to practical scenarios and innovations. For the industrial track, we
require an extended abstract of 2 to 4 pages.

Organising Committee

Organisation Chairs
- Tassilo Pellegrini (Semantic Web School)
- Georg Güntner (Salzburg NewMediaLab)
- Christine Haas (Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft)
- Alois Reitbauer (Profactor)
- Gabriele Sauberer (TermNet)

Programme Chairs
- Sebastian Schaffert (Salzburg Research)    I-Semantics Programme Chair
- Siegfried Handschuh (NUI Galway)           I-Semantics Co-Programme Chair
- Leo Sauermann (DFKI)                       Semantic Desktop Special Track
- Gabriele Sauberer (TermNet)                Terminology Special Track


For further information please refer to the conference website or contact

Dr. Sebastian Schaffert
Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
Jakob Haringer Str. 5/II
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
Telephone: +43 662 2288 423


| Dr. Sebastian Schaffert
| Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft
| Knowledge Based Information Systems                     +43 662 2288 423
| Jakob-Haringer Strasse 5/II
| A-5020 Salzburg
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