Re: resources for network-based/hierarchical RDF store

Hi Andy,

For my master's thesis, I designed and developed (with the help of
Emanuele Della Valle and Alessandro Ghioni, two colleagues of mine) a
distributed infrastructure, named PAGE, for storing RDF data.

PAGE comes from the convergence between an RDF repository (YARS [1]) and
a distributed infrastructure (Bamboo [2]). It stores quads (instead of
simple RDF triples) into a peer-to-peer network in a special way that
allows efficient retrieval.
PAGE does not support SPARQL natively, but it supports queries
formulated by means of access patterns. Since SPARQL queries are based
on access patterns too, it should not difficult to extend PAGE with a
layer that takes a SPARQL query as input and translates it in a set of
access patterns to be passed to PAGE.

You can find more information about PAGE at
At the end of this web page, you can also find a link to a paper that
explain PAGE in details.

Best regards,
	- Andrea -


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