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On Mar 12, 2007, at 2:51 AM, Simon D'Alfonso wrote:

> Hello All,
> I intend to commence my postgraduate studies in the near future and  
> am interested in semantic web research. Can anyone suggest some  
> university CS departments that carry out semantic web related  
> research?
> Cheers
> -Simon

If you're thinking of the US, I have a little bit of fuzzy  
information, as I'm looking at much the same, but haven't gotten a  
chance to do some hard research as yet.

It just so happens that Jim Hendler is starting up a research  
constellation here at RPI relating to semantic web work, so I've been  
talking to him on and off for the past couple of months as he's  
migrating here from UMD, so that may be an option, depending on the  
timeframe you're looking at applying.

 From what I can remember what he told me in January (others of you  
who are more knowledgeable, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)  
most of the centers in the US, at least, are fairly scattered with  
only one or two faculty members here and there, and most of the  
strong research is actually in Europe (this is because most research  
in the states on semantic web activities is tangential to the task  
being solved, rather than directly funded).

That being said, one of the other universities that I can remember  
that he'd mentioned where there are faculty members involved with  
semantic web work was Lehigh University (SWAT: http:// as well as a group at MIT (where Berners-Lee  
is) (Simile:

Myself, I have a year left of undergraduate studies at least, but I'm  
still interested in hearing what others have to say so I can get my  
own more 'full' view of my options as well.

- Ian

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