Re: SWRL and OWL (or something else ?)

Sarawh wrote:
> Dear All
> I have to model a domain in which not all rules can be translated into
> Description logic; therefore besides OWL DL , I am considering the use of
> Initially ,  I had planned to use Jena with Pellet, but Jena does not
> support SWRL.  Now I am not really sure what is the best choice in case I
> don't use SWRL ... are there other options available ? (except SWRL)that can
> model more complex rules than OWL DL ?
> Any advise on tools is also appreciated.
> Thank you
> Sara
You could also embed your rules into domain classes. This would allow 
you to use a more familiar OO language. There is an example of how you 
can embed business rules in a Java domain model with an RDF repository 
in the Elmo User Guide at


Received on Monday, 11 June 2007 14:13:26 UTC