Re: In RDF what is the best practice to represent data provenance (source)?

On  20 Jan 2007, at 11:35 AM, Chris Richard wrote:

> Is there any way to represent this type of relation amongst  
> predicates with OWL or a related language? I see this same  
> modelling technique used in the following tagging vocabulary:  
> where  
> resources can be tagged by relating them directly to tags with  
> "taggedWithTag" (Resource, Tag) or indirectly with "tag" (Resource,  
> Tagging) and "associatedTag" (Tagging, Tag).
> In this case, Foo taggedWithTag Bar
> is shorthand for:
> Foo tag _:a
> _:a associatedTag Bar
> Hopefully I'm not way off the mark...

I opted to add this implication in the ontology; I explicitly declare  

x tag y
y associatedTag z
=> x taggedWithTag z

so that software using the ontology can safely make this assumption.  
I see that more as a rules thing than an OWL thing, which is why this  
isn't formally described anywhere.


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