Formal Ontology for SOA

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The Open Group is developing a formal ontology for SOA. We have now 
reached the stage where we have a draft that we would like to share 
with other organizations that are working on SOA, in order to obtain 
feedback and comment. We believe that a common ontology for SOA can 
be a very valuable resource for everyone to use, and we therefore 
wish to receive input from as wide a constituency as possible. We 
would appreciate input from the W3C community, and I am therefore 
sending this invitation to comment to the W3C's Semantic Web interest 
group and the Semantic Web Services interest group.

The latestdraft is draft 0.6 and is available from our web page at together with some 
simple example ontologies that import it. Perhaps the best starting 
point is the presentation at 
which I delivered at the recent OMG meeting. This explains the 
ontology and how we think it will be used.

Please send your comments to and/or, or directly to me ( 
Comments sent to both lists will clearly produce the widest discussion!

We will address the comments in our next draft.



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