Re: OWL species and subproperties of rdfs:label

Propagating subproperty values to superproperties is a function of  
the reasoner, and annotation properties are invisible to the reasoner  
in OWL DL.

OWL 1.1 is currently being discussed. It removes some of the  
motivation for having annotation properties - using them to add  
properties to classes in OWL DL. Upon review of the spec I see that  
there is special syntax for rdfs:label and that it is defined as an  
annotation property. I'm wondering whether it makes sense to instead  
define it as a datatype property, which would remove the restriction  
that it can't have subproperties. In the spec its use is (halfway)  
constrained to be a datatype property because when specified via the  
Label() construct its value must be a "constant".

If this is acceptable for rdfs:label we should consider reviewing the  
annotation property status of other similar properties, such as seeAlso.


On Jan 9, 2007, at 7:33 AM, Michael Schneider wrote:

>   "Annotation properties must not be used in property axioms.
>   Thus, in OWL DL one cannot define subproperties [...]
>   for annotation properties."
> But I did not find any reason there, /why/ this is forbidden.
> Any hints or comments?
> Cheers,
> Michael

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