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General Comment (Was Re: Logic As Formal Semiotic)

From: Rinke Hoekstra <hoekstra@uva.nl>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:56:52 +0200
Message-ID: <46BC4474.8080204@uva.nl>
To: Jon Awbrey <jawbrey@att.net>
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Dear Jon, others,

As a reader of the semantic-web@w3.org list, I would like to make the 
following comment.

Your recent frequent (cross)posts to this list give me a strong feeling 
of deja-vu in an oh-no-not-again sort of way. I recall the fuss that 
arose in the good old days of the SUO mailinglist, and would very much 
like to be refrained from a re-enactment of those events.

This is a mailing list for discussing Semantic Web technology, and not 
philosophical issues related to ontology. Could you please try to 
prevent too much leakage of Ontolog-forum discussions to this list?


Best regards,

	Rinke Hoekstra

Jon Awbrey wrote:
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> LAFS.  Note 5
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> I have been saying that C.S. Peirce defined logic as "formal semiotic",
> that is, a formal theory of signs, and I've been saying also that this
> conception of logic develops a classical line of thinking that regards
> logic among the normative sciences.  A normative science may be viewed
> as a "design science", an inquiry into what ought to be, or what ought
> to be done in order to achieve a given set of aims, as contrasted with
> a descriptive science, that only asks what is.
> The thing that might trip a reader up at this point is Peirce's use of
> the word "formal", a word that was wrung through so many strange turns
> of meaning during the 20th Century that Peirce could have known not of.
> And I can see from several other discussions hereabouts that this very
> word "formal" has already become the bone of contention and the source
> of confusion that might have been predicted from its bedeviled history.
> So I will work on clearing that up over the weekend ...
> Jon Awbrey
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