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Re: What is the relation of RDF model and E -R model ?

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Hi Fj
when comparing different models, I find the Ontology Reference Metamodel most helpful, a link below
let us know if it answers your questions!
Ontology Definition MetaModel
      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
      The metamodel(s) for ontology definition specified herein .... The Ontology Development Metamodel is a software design project. Any software ..

      codip.grci.com/odm/draft/submission_text/ODMPrelimSubAug04R1.pdf - Similar pages - Note this 

Paola Di Maio
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  Subject: What is the relation of RDF model and E -R model ?

  Entity-Relationship (ER) model 

  WHo can tell me?

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