Re: How to restrict conditional cardinalities?

Yoshio Fukushige wrote:

> But with your help, I found Alan and Guus'es Editors Draft (in SWBPDWG): 
> Qualified cardinality restrictions (QCRs):  Constraining the number of values of a particular type for a property [1]
> (though it hasn't reached Working Note status yet but remains editor's draft)

And I am not sure whether this document will be part of the work of the
new (SW Deployment) group. I copy this mail to Ralph, he may know.

> I find the "unendorsed" "valuesFrom" property very nice and would like to use it for the time being.
> But which namespace should I use for that?
> Is there any de facto namespace, any suggestions?

The 'unendorsed' version is, as far as I can see, identical to what
OWL1.1 defined. Ie, I think the most stable namespace is the one in the
OWL1.1 document for that. But that would be temporary anyway...

If you want to deploy your things with the tools of today, you may want
to consider the 'workaround' alternatives, too...



> [1]
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> Yoshio


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