Re: Generating rdfs:seeAlso links for Tabulator with SPARQL CONSTRUCT

> In order that Berlin as a city doesn't get mixed up with Berlin as a 
> state in Germany, it would be cool if your data about Berlin would 
> contain a rdf:type <> triple, 
> which I could use in my query to specify exactly what I mean with 
> "Berlin".

We have 751 places for the search term 'Berlin', 483 with 'Berlin' part 
of the name and 126 with the name equal 'Berlin'.
I think it is better to use the URI to identify a feature. Even if you 
find a query to return only a single place, you have no guarantee that 
it will return a single row in the future. I hope we don't have to 
change the URIs again and it should therefore be safer to use a fix URI 
rather than a query.

> This would be cool, but what I would even like more is a service that 
> I can use to translate the natural language names of places into URIs. 
> This could be realized by a SPARQL endpoint as described above or by 
> some other Web Service which takes a name and some type information as 
> input and returns the proper URI.

The geonames search service already returns rdf documents. (just add the 
parameter "type=rdf")

The search service documentation is here :



Received on Saturday, 28 October 2006 17:27:05 UTC