Re: Generating rdfs:seeAlso links for Tabulator with SPARQL CONSTRUCT

> Hi Chris
>> One approach is to set them manually, by including rdf:seeAlso triples 
>> and by using dereferencable URIs from different servers in RDF documents. 
>> For instance, by FOAF profile 
>> ( contains lots of 
>> seeAlso links to other profiles and the triple:
>> <> foaf:based_near 
>> <>
>> which is a link to data about Berlin, that people can follow by 
>> dereferencing the object of the triple.
> We have changed the URIs for the geographic features to clearly 
> distinguish between concept and document. The URL to use for Berlin is now 
> the geonames server will then redirect 
> you to the document

Upps, so I have to update my link, which is another argument for using 
dynamically generated links.
If you would have a SPARQL endpoint for your database (do you?), I could set 
a link like

CONSTRUCT   { <> foaf:based_near ?berlin  }
WHERE       { ?berlin <> "Berlin" }

In order that Berlin as a city doesn't get mixed up with Berlin as a state 
in Germany, it would be cool if your data about Berlin would contain a 
rdf:type <> triple, which I could use 
in my query to specify exactly what I mean with "Berlin".

> It could also be interesting to add a "nearby foaf" reverse geocoder 
> returning the foaf URIs of people living in a certain area. What do you 
> think?

This would be cool, but what I would even like more is a service that I can 
use to translate the natural language names of places into URIs. This could 
be realized by a SPARQL endpoint as described above or by some other Web 
Service which takes a name and some type information as input and returns 
the proper URI.

This would be really usefull for people who want to publish huge amounts of 
data on the Web with tools like D2R Server and want to include geoname URIs. 
For instance, I think that the DBLP database contains the location of 
conferences and workshops. If you would set up such a service, we could 
automatically include the proper geonames into our RDF representation of the 



> Regards
> Marc

Received on Saturday, 28 October 2006 09:26:46 UTC