RE: Testing RDF vs HTML Content Negotiation

Thanks all for the helpful replies. Turns out the issue was one of
<blush>human error</blush>.

In case I can save someone else a few minutes, the issue was this:

- my rewrite rules are based on Recipe 3 of (which is an excellent resource
btw). Unfortunately I'd forgotten to modify the User-Agent: header
aswell as the Accept: header, so the "RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}
^Mozilla/.*" was still being met, hence always getting HTML content.

I note that inclusion of this condition is not considered good practice.
Does anyone know if the IE6 issue that makes it a necessary evil has
been resolved in IE7?

For the record, the Firefox extensions I'm using (which incidentally do
work as intended) are Modify Headers [1] and LiveHTTPHeaders [2], both
highly recommended.




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> > My problem is that I can't determine if it's an error in the 
> > RewriteRules or that the Firefox extension isn't doing what 
> it claims. 
> > My hunch is the former, but I've no way to tell right now. 
> Does anyone 
> > have a site that does this form of content negotiation that 
> they'd be 
> > happy for me to use for some low-traffic testing so I can 
> isolate the 
> > problem?
> You're welcome to try That site content negotiates 
> the schema 
> information. The following give the expected results for me:
> curl -H "Accept: text/html"
> curl -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml"
> I wrote up the configuration I use here:
> You might want to look at some of the techniques described in this 
> document too:
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