Re: ontology for units of measurement and/or physical quantities

On 10/10/06, Karl Dubost <> wrote:

> And a huge list to implement in a parser. The implementation work
> would be very difficult to sustain

The list is no doubt still substantial after filtering, but pointing
to that page is a bit of a cheat: it includes all manner of composite
(weber/meter^2, weber/centimeter^2, weber/inch^2, ...) and prefixed
units (exahenry, petahenry, terahenry, gigahenry, megahenry, ...)
which would need to be listed.

There is a unit arithmetic library for Smalltalk by Travis Griggs. It
assigns a prime to each fundamental unit and reduces unit conversion
and reduction to integer arithmetic. I don't think it deals with SI
prefixes so generally.


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