Re: any idea to spark siliocn valley engineers to pursue semantic web?

Dr Chen,

Just in case you've not seen it, please take a look at the new W3C's 
Semantic Web Education & Outreach group. Chaired by Susie Stephens at 
Oracle, it has its kick off meeting next month. Maybe that's a good 
place to maximise the effect of efforts like yours? Today there are 9 
organisations signed up as participants (including mine) so there's room 
for more!


AJ Chen wrote:
>> From talking to engineers on SDForum's monthly events in the silicon 
>> valley,
> a picture is emerged in my head: Most people don't know anything about
> semantic web; and many people who knew or worked on semantic web before are
> not working in this field anymore.  One may read this as a negative sign.
> Others may see plenty of opportunities.  But, one thing is certain to me:
> We need to raise the visibility of semantic web among engineers in the
> silicon valley and connect the engineers to the semantic web experts around
> the world.
> Toward this end, I'm trying to get a semantic web SIG started under 
> SDForum,
> the biggest non-for-profit organization for software and web in the valley.
> We are thinking to do an event in next January, aiming to generate some
> excitement around semantic web for the engineers.  If you have any
> suggestion as to what recent development, technical and business wise, may
> spark engineers' inspiration, please share. Also, if you are interested to
> meet with engineers when you visit silicon valley, please let me know. I'm
> looking into ways to build human connections between the valley and all of
> you.
> Thanks,
> AJ

Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer, ICRA
Working for a Safer Internet

Received on Monday, 9 October 2006 08:50:55 UTC